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Malady Designs probably started with me hanging out in my father's factory as a child.  He was an accomplished cabinet maker and his factory was our backyard.  

So the smell of wood was ingrained in me from an early age but it wasn't until my 'mature years' that I finally gave in to the desire to work with wood. 

I'm not really sure where this ride is taking me but I do know is that it's something I love doing. 

My little workshop, located in my backyard, is where it all happens.  It's in the workshop that creativity, design and production all come together.



Malady Designs will be able to ascertain the pricing and time for shipping dependent on the location, size and weight of purchase.

We are happy to provide this information before confirmation of any purchase is made.

Your item will be dispatched in 1-3 business days (unless notified by email).

All parcels are sent via Australia post and there will be a tracking number allocated to each parcel.  You will be able to track your parcel on dispatch.



As Malady Designs uses a variety of woods and finishes, there will be varying ways to care for each piece and every effort will be made to include relevant information on care for each piece sold.  Malady Designs is only an email away and happy to discuss anything regarding the item.  We take great pride in each piece however would like to point out that wooden items that are used on a regular basis will eventually age with time - it's this ageing that makes them so special.  Embrace the knocks and marks that will occur over the years, it becomes part of the history of the piece.  


After saying that though, it is always recommended not to put wooden bowls or utensils in the dishwasher, they can be wiped clean but best not to soak them in water.  Enjoy your new purchase and unless it's a delicate urn or finial where you want to retain the finish, relish the ageing process of your wooden piece - you can always add a bit of oil to recondition it.


A:  Brighton, Victoria, Australia

T:  0439 854 375

E:  malady@bigpond.net.au

Workshop open by appointment