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Straw marquetry is an ancient art form however it has only recently become popular in Australia.   When I discovered this beautiful craft, I soon realised that there were no opportunities to learn about it without travelling to France.  I was, however, lucky enough to meet and learn from a leading French straw marquetry artisan, who was in Melbourne for a period of time.  

Since then, I have dedicated myself to mastering the techniques and nuances of this intricate art form and I am now in a position to be able to share my newfound knowledge with others who are interested in exploring the timeless allure of straw marquetry.

My background is in woodturning and woodworking and I am still utilising these skills to make decorative objects with a view to adding straw to them.  A box is a perfect example of being able to blend the two worlds of straw and wood together.

If you are interested in learning more about straw marquetry or attending a workshop, please get in touch.

workshop located in

Brighton, Vic. Australia

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