Height: 170 Millimeters; Width: 127 Millimeters; Depth: 24 Millimeters

Zebrano wood test tube vase.
The wood itself is an artpiece before I do anything with it. It seriously looks like someone has taken a black marker to it and done some coloring in. The colors are beautiful.
This wood on it's own makes a statement - the plant or flowers suspended above it makes it even more special. Anyone that follows me on instagram will know how much I adore plants with wood (it's such a symbiotic relationship) but without a vessel to hold the water, it won't work.
The current model of vases incorporate a half circle with a hold to accommodate the test tube. From beginning to end, I have measured, drilled, cut, sanded and applied a couple of coats of lacquer.
Test tube is included with the wooden vase.
Thankyou for looking and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Zebrano Test Tube Vase