What a dream to turn this bowl was. The wood came from a twisted willow tree that had fallen down in rural Victoria (near Yea) . Dimensions: 120mm high, 150 diameter. The pattern of stripes is so unique - I hate to part to with this bowl, it is such a beauty. Can be used for salads, displaying fruit, nuts, pretzels, etc. Let your imagination run wild. Or can be left empty to just adore! The photos will illustrate the many stages of turning (I did forget to take one of the log before I started turning) and my apprentice (Scout) looks approving at the final stage of the branding. If you are interested in looking at my other work, please have a look at my website: maladydesigns.com Thankyou for looking. Tracey

Wooden Bowl - Twisted Willow - Salads - Fruit - Plants

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