These little lidded containers look so gorgeous together I decided to keep them as a collection of 4.  I have turned them on the lathe using a variety of woods:


1. Walnut lidded container or box with ebony finial.

2. Walnut box with gidgee finial

3.  Huon pine box with gidgee finial

4. Spalted holly box with gidgee finial


Some of my favourite woods to work with are walnut, huon pine, gidgee and ebony, which explains why I loved making these boxes so much.

From a log to a finished artpiece, these pieces of valued wood have been roughed, hollowed, cut, sanded and finished.  

Beautiful gift for someone or as a functional keepsake boxes.

Thankyou for looking.


Collection of turned boxes - Keepsake Box - Trinket - Decorative

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