forest whimsy is a collection of decorative trees turned on the lathe

no finish has been applied - natural is so often best

these trees look pretty enough on their own but grouped in with others, they make a real statement.

happy to answer any questions or provide further photos


Harpullia pendula, known as the tulipwood or tulip lancewood is a small to medium-sized rainforest tree from Australia. The tree's small size, pleasant form and attractive fruit ensures the popularity of this ornamental tree. The range of natural distribution is from the Bellinger River in northern New South Wales to Coen in tropical Queensland. Tulipwood occurs in various types of rainforest, by streams or dry rainforests on basaltic or alluvial soils. In tropical and sub tropical rainforest. Often seen as a street tree, such as at St Ives, New South Wales.

A popular ornamental tree. The timber is well regarded. Excellent for turnery and cabinet timber. Fine grained, tough, heavy and durable.

tulip wood - four canopies