The first rockscape in my wooden rock scupltures.

This collection is made of redgum, huon pine and cherry.


Size:  145mm wide x 150mm high

So here's the thing - when you make something on a lathe, it always ends up round.  That's terrific for things like bowls, vases, chair legs, etc.  but occassionally I want things that aren't round, like little rockscapes for example.  Which means I have to use a few more tools in order to get my little rocks to look like rocks.  The tools I employ to help me in this endeavour, range from chisels, rasps, files, linishers, sandpaper, drills, etc.  The result is what I think resembles sea brushed rocks and stones.  They have organic shapes, are not meant to perfect in any way but are irresistible to hold and play with.  

Most rockscapes have a little brass rod holding them together.  This is not always necessary as a lot of them will simply sit on top of each other but it can be annoying when you have a great looking pile of 'rocks' to find them all over the place after the dog's tail has gone by!  So it's easier to insert the rod, you can still take them apart to play with them.

In fact, that's the real purpose of these rockscapes.... to play with.  Treat them like stress relievers, fondle, hold, play with them, just don't throw them.  If you do drop them, that's fine - they're made of wood, no harm will be done.  A few dents and scratches over the years will only make them more appealing and give them history.  The oils from your hands will oil the different types of wood naturally.  If you do feel like you want to make them look like new again, just give them a light sand.

No finish has been applied to these wooden rocks.  I have polished each one up to 12,000 grit sandpaper by hand which gives them a lovely natural sheen.




rockscape #1