Mahogany with Australian flowering gum in test tube. I love the look of wood and flowers together but water in wood just doesn’t go. So I played around with copper tubing, oxidizing the tube to get really lovely blue/green colors then fitting a stopper in the bottom to accommodate the water. After playing with numerous heights, I just couldn’t get the ‘look’ of the copper with the wood right. As lovely as the oxidized copper was, it was competing with the wood and the plant - so I put the copper down and walked away from the idea. Then I realized that glass test tubes serve the same purpose but the space between the wood and the plant gave the impression of the plant sort of floating in the void that had been created. Thus, voila! The Test Tube Vase. The test tube can easily be removed for washing or refilling of water. Size: vase - 150mm high x 105mm diameter test tube - 150mm high x 18mm diameter #mahogany #testtube #vase #frustration #ideas #woodturning #isolation