Beach Box Tealight Holder - This little beach box will accommodate a battery operated tealight. Painted in the style of the Brighton Beach Boxes, these little houses are ornamental by day, bright by night. I have turned a little finial to complete the look. Pink, pale pink and white. Variations - purple, pale purple and white. These beach boxes have a little door frame with a hinged door that opens and closes. Place one in a dark corner to brighten it up, or line them up in a row which is very similar to the real beach boxes. The battery operated tealight means you don't have to worry about leaving a candle burning. Great pressie ideas for mums! These beach boxes are a part of my Little Wooden Village. Different suburbs in the village include the township, arts precinct and now the beach. If you see something that has already been sold, I am happy to make another one for you.

Tealight Holder - Beach Box