Gidgee test tube vase with sapwood layer retained. Straight sides. I didn't want to cut away the beautiful layer of yellow sapwood and bark which appear on this vase. One side is a lovely smooth, hard surface, the other is rough and colorful. What mood are you in? Anyone that follows me on instagram will know how much I adore plants with wood (it's such a symbiotic relationship) but without a vessel to hold the water, it won't work. The current model of vases incorporate a half circle with a hole to accommodate the test tube. From beginning to end, I have measured, drilled, cut, sanded and applied a couple of coats of lacquer. Large size test tube is included with the wooden vase. Thankyou for looking and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Wood height is 135mm. This is a heavy wood, thus the weight of one vase is significantly more than the others but well worth it for it's uniqueness. Gidgee may refer to any of a number of species of Acacia native to arid or semi-arid regions of Australia, or to the vegetation communities in which these species dominate. (Wikipedia).

Gidgee - test tube vase - home decor

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