forest whimsy - a collection of woodturned trees of various woods

heights vary from 45mm to 145mm

the lighter ones I like to leave natural

the darker ones look best with a friction polish on them

happy to provide further photos or answer questions


The Australian timber gidgee aka ‘stinking wattle’ is one of our most distinct hardwoods. It is highly sought after for its depth of colour, beautiful lines and extreme hardness. The slow growing gidgee thrives in arid, challenging terrains. In humid weather, the leaves, bark and litter round the base of the tree give off a odour which accounts for the ‘stinking’ moniker.  Gidgee is a very hard and heavy timber and tends to split a lot during drying, making thick turning blanks rare .  It is a very hard timber which machines well, sands ok and generally always produces a beautiful finish.