Ebonised Oak test tube vase. Straight sides. These vases started off as a cream color (refer picture of plain oak) but after the ebonising process, they become a beautiful, rich black color. I did forget to get photos of the ebonisiing process but I will take some photos of my next ebonising project and post them here. The process begins with making a solution of vinegar and steel wool and applying that to the raw timber. I like to alternate that solution with a solution made using the tanins from the quebracho tree and together, this gives an extremely dense color. It actually penetrates the fibres of the wood which is different to a stain or paint. Anyone that follows me on instagram will know how much I adore plants with wood (it's such a symbiotic relationship) but without a vessel to hold the water, it won't work. The current model of vases incorporate a half circle with a hole to accommodate the test tube. From beginning to end, I have measured, drilled, cut, sanded and applied a couple of coats of lacquer. Large size test tube is included with the wooden vase. Thankyou for looking and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Wood height is 95mm. This is a heavy wood, thus the weight of one vase is significantly more than the others but well worth it for it's uniqueness.

Ebonised Oak - test tube vase - home decor