American Cherry test tube vase. This piece of cherry is actually 3 pieces laminated together. This allows for a wider piece to be turned. When I hit on a design that I love, then I make a few of them, and this is one of those pieces. The test tube protrudes about 50mm from the top of the wood. Just enough height to give a feeling of suspension. Any flower or greenery would look great in this vase and you can use the glass tube - or not. It looks terrific used as a bud vase as well. Timber height: 125mm Glass test tube provided: 25mm x 150mm Weight including packaging: @450g. All pieces are turned by myself in my workshop in Melbourne, Australia. Any further queries or request for more photos welcome. You will notice that my prices vary quite a lot. That is because I try to base the pricing on a number of factors including; availability of wood, size of log/wood, scarcity of wood, ease of turning, ease of sanding and finishing products required. I also take into account whether or not the piece has been turned on the lathe or made by hand, and whether there are any complicated angles involved. Every extra step takes a bit more time. Thankyou for looking.

American Cherry vase - with glass test tube